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Sigma Alpha Lambda: Service, Achievement, Leadership

December 9, 2012

Sierra Shoopman, a University of Washington alumna, was a member of the Sigma Alpha Lambda honor society while earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Committed to the same qualities upon which the organization is based, Sierra Shoopman continually strives to exemplify service, achievement, and leadership.

Sigma Alpha Lambda (SAL), a national leadership and honors organization, exists to promote academic excellence, engage its members and community in meaningful service, and promote leadership through service.

SAL offers its members opportunities that promote leadership through service throughout each academic year. Annually, SAL National coordinates two initiatives to connect members and chapters across the United States in a common goal as they partner with national service organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. Chapter and individual service activities abound and are easy to facilitate through SAL’s relationships with many national service organizations. Additionally, members of the organization are encouraged to participate in chapter leadership roles.

To recognize academic excellence, SAL offers a variety of scholarships and awards. These include the Emerging Leader Post Graduate Scholarship, the Path to Excellence Award, and the National Academic Achievement Award. Each member of SAL receives a professionally designed membership certificate, a personalized press release, and, upon request, personalized letters of recommendation.

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